Smartphone Buying Guide in 2021- How to buy the best mobile

If you want to buy a new smart phone, and you are confused, then we are here with best smartphone buying guide in 2021. Smartphone is very essential gadget, its demand always get increasing day by day. If someone is spending hard earned money on buying a smart phone, then it will select the best one from the lot. But friends there is no as such best smart phone in market. If any smart fulfill your set of requirements that phone becomes best for that particular individual. And requirement vary from people to people. Different people buy different smart because their needs are different.

This is not for people who are brand specific, they only buy mobile phone of certain brands only. This post is  for those who needs a functional, all round smart phone that too within there budg

So let’s get started with Best Smart phone buying guide tips. We will follow some criteria for selection of smart phone, all criteria are listed below:

  • Budget to buy phone (under 10K, 20k, 30K etc.)
  • Processor type & version (Soc – system on chip)
  • RAM & ROM size
  • Latest Camera sensor type and setup
  • Display type & resolution
  • Battery size and charger type
  • Updated Connectivity version (5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & NFC etc.)
  • Sensor type (finger print, face lock, gyro meter & compass etc.
  • Body type (polycarbonate , metal & plastic)


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga

smartphone buying guide in 2021 should start with budget. Dear friends nowadays many companies are providing flagship-like features in their mid-range smartphones. We can find a lot of smart within 20K~25k with some flagship-like features. If budget is not an issue then you can go with flagship-level phones. Flagship phones of SAMSUNG are too good and can’t express my words for I-PHONE. I can’t choose your budget range, as it individual’s choice. But if you want a smartphone with fully loaded features, you will get that within 25K easily.


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga Best Processor in World- Infotechsaga-top10bestreview

The selection of a good Processor is important, As It Is The Brain Of Smartphones. While Selecting A Processor One Should Be Kept In Mind That Doesn’t Go For The Old Processor, Always Buy Newly Launched Processor (Less Than 6 Months Old ) Because A Lot Of Technical Advances Do Happen Very Often. We Have Majorly 4 Companies For Processor Manufacturing, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Samsung, Huawei, And Apple Bionic. Nowadays We Are Having A Processor With A 4Nm Gate Length, In My View Always Go With A 7Nm~5Nm Processor For Better Performance.

Check Out The Latest Processor Rankings-2021


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga Best RAM ROM -top10bestreview-infotechsaga

RAM/ROM size and storage are very important to check while buying a smartphone.

 Let’s talk about ROM first, in today’s scenario Storage size has been increasing up to 265GB and still, you have a memory card option too. The selection of ROM or storage size depends upon your usage type, if you keep a lot of images and videos and files, go with high storage phone. Along with Storage size, storage type is also very important. Only buy phones with LPDDR3 Type and above. Better to take LPDDR5 which is ultra-power efficient, good interface, and has a high speed up to 5500MBPS.

For installing more and more apps your phone must have a big RAM size, Ideally, 6GB and above Ram size is good enough, nowadays app sizes are also increasing as more and more functions are added to the apps. You can easily get 6GB RAM within 20K. Ram type is also very important while selecting of the smartphone. Two types of Ram are available in the market eMMC and UFS type, eMMC type is half-duplex whereas UFS type if full-duplex. My suggestion you should go for the UFS type.


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga CAMERA -infotechsaga-top10bestreview

Camera in the smartphone has become the most popular in past years. Most people often purchase mobile for cameras. Lots of camera-oriented phones have been launched by phone manufacturing companies. So let us know the basic points for the camera.

Image quality from phones also depends upon the processor, ISP (Image Signal Processing), and camera sensors, generally, SONY and SAMSUNG sensors are good in the market. The manufacturer often does not mention which sensor they have used, but in the case of SONY and SAMSUNG, they use to mention this.

Aperture, in simple terms, can be described as lenses door, the larger the doors will open, the more the information of the photo will be captured in low light vas well. So large aperture will be good for detailed capture of snapshots. For eg f/1.7 > f/1.8, it means f/1.7 has more aperture size than f/1.8. (f/1.7>f/1.8>f/2.0>f/2.3).

BOKEH, it the Japanese which suggests “out of focus”. With BOKEH object-oriented photos become sharper and sharper. In DSLR it is generally adjusted by hardware, but in most phones, it regulated by software.

ISO, it is sensor sensitivity, more the value of ISO, a high-quality image can be shot during the low light area. Generally, ISO value 2400 and 3200 are ideal for photography.

EIS/OIS, Image stabilization comes into part while videography, it compensates with the hand movement while video shooting. It is also managed by hardware called OIS (Optical Image stabilization) and by software (electronic image stabilization). In hardware-based stabilization camera sensor moves in order to stabilize the image and in software type it is managed by algorithms.

ZOOM, It is also of three types, optical, digital & hybrid zoom. Optical zoom system is managed by hardware by shifting lenses’ front and back motion, generally seen in DSLR. In smartphones we generally see hybrid and digital zoom which enlarge the image and its quality fade out. More megapixel cameras more zoom option cameras can avail.


Lenses type, TOF, it is the depth sensor, it calculates objects distance from its background and with help of BOKEH, it sharpens the object, Ultra-Wide sensor is for accumulating more people in single frame. Macro sensor helps in taking pictures very close to it.


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga LCD AMOLED-infotechsaga-top10bestreview

Display selection is also very important. LCD has single light emitting source, they are cheaper in price and white colour is more bright in LCD. AMOLED had multiple LED which can be ON OFF when needed , so blacks are complete black in AMOLED. These type of screen are power efficient and costlier. Screen finger print sensor only supports to AMOLED display. Apart from screen type refresh rate also plays an important role , basically while playing games , if you area gamer go with higher refresh rate like 90Hz and above . 120Hz with LCD is better than 60Hz AMOLED screen. So choose wisely according to the needs.


Smartphone Buying Guide In 2021 top10bestreview-Smart phone budget-infotechsaga

Battery size depends upon the usage and charging availability. If you are a very high user of mobile phone like using it for 15~16 hrs daily then you must buy a phone with having battery size above 6000mAh. Average usage people may go for 4500mAh battery size. ideally, a large battery size also increases the weight of the phone. Some mobile phones are only battery oriented like TECHNO which provides 6000mAh within 8K price good for village areas.

Mobile Charger should be a super fast charger above 18Watts. Wireless charger are very popular, it all depends upon individual.


OTHER POINTS TO CHECK (Smartphone Buying Guide )

  1. 5G Connectivity.
  2. All type of sensor like Fingerprint (under display,optical),accelerometer, gyro, and proximity, compass.
  3. SAR Value should be within limits.
  4.  Supports Widevine L1 support for HD streaming.
  5. Supports cam2api, so google cam can be used.
  6. Dual SIM slot and dedicated memory card slot.
  7. Buy only 6 months old phone. 
Hope you like the blog regarding  smartphone buying guide in 2021. Do comment below for any querry.

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